Czerwiec 20, 2017

Mama MA-URI Mana Pou workshop
warsztat dla kobiet
August 15-19 2017
‘Mana Pou’ means to nurture and sustain new life. In the Mana Pou workshop, we put emphasis on the next generation – how to inspire mothers by applying the gifts of MA-URI to everyday life in those first precious months after birth. 
The Mana Pou workshop gives focus to
– the womb after birth giving
– the ‘Marathon cycle’ – awareness of the state of being of a new mother
– stimulation of the baby through movement and touch
– family life and the role of the mother and the father
– choices in everyday life with a baby
Venue for Mana Pou workshop:
Friland, Denmark (7 km from Aarhus airport; less than 1 hour bus trip from Aarhus train station)
August 15th – 19th, 5 days. Arrival on August 14 in the evening, departure on August 19 after 6 pm. It is possible to stay until the next morning.
Jurga Mozuriene and Helle Hestbjerg
To attend this workshop, you need to have completed your Kaitinana training and participated in the Mama MA-URI Mana Wahine workshop on female power.
Participation in the Mama MA-URI Hapu Ora workshop can be an advantage but it is not a requirement.
Price and enrollment:
300 euro for women living in East European countries. 4.200 Danish Kroner for women living in West European countries.
Enrollment by sending an email to helle ( as soon as possible and no later that July 1st. 
Payment before July 15th.